Kinderdijk Windmills: A UNESCO world heritage site
kinderdijk sunset

Kinderdijk Windmills: A UNESCO world heritage site

Windmills fascinate me from my childhood!

As a 90’s kid from India you may remember the beautiful scenery at our homes along with picturesque windmills and the closest place to that is Kinderdijk.

So when I moved to the Netherlands for my internship the Kinderdijk was one of the first things to do in my bucket list.


kinderdijk windmills
kinderdijk windmills

Kinderdijk has the array of 19 windmills built in Eighteen century and is the largest concentration of old windmills in South Holland.

The windmills are beautifully maintained and are one of the most important tourist attraction in the Netherlands.

Kinderdijk is also a UNESCO world heritage site and its shouldnt be missed.

So basically the area is below the sea level and traditionally the windmills were constructed to keep land dry and drain excess water to the river.

you can read more about history of Kinderdijk here

Couchsurfing and cycling in Kinderdijk windmills

I simply don’t want to go to Kinderdijk like a tourist and my Dutch friends told me that area is pretty flat thus good for bicycling.

So I started looking a host in Couchsurfing which may have two bicycles and probably show me around.

Thus my trip worked out to be really great as my host and I bicycle for almost 100kms with the E-bike.

we went around many small cities across South Holland in sorroundings of Kinderdijk.

Those who are still clueless about Couchsurfing read here

kinderdijk bicycling
kinderdijk bicycling
holland counrtyside
Holland counrtyside

What to expect at Kinderdijk windmills

A lot of tourists come to Kinderdijk in summers and probably more in late summers but I did not expect too many people in spring.

And I proved out to be wrong, there was a deluge of Chinese tourists and it was an instant turn off for me.

So I decided to come early morning with my host the next day to avoid the tourists.

So we pack our breakfast, came early morning to Kindedijk and had our breakfasts overlooking beautiful windmills in the backdrop of sun.

Thus I was amazed by the place early morning.

kinderdijk without tourists
Kinderdijk without tourists

Things to keep in mind

  • if you really want to see the Kinderdijk at its full majesty, try coming early morning at the time of sunrise.
  • Bring some breakfast and have a small picnic next to the small wood bridges overlooking windmills.
  • Try to get a bicycle from Rotterdam which you can bring on a water bus/ferry from the Rotterdam or Utrecht.
  • Kinderdijk and nearby town of Gouda has a lot of beautiful small villages and historical places so make sure to go cycling around in the area.
  • if you are visiting on working days you can visit a local farmer and purchase some cheese made of raw milk as every village have local farmers selling own Kinderdijk cheese.

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  1. Great start, keep sharing new experiences.

  2. Thank you, I thought to be there for a moment!

  3. Always glad to show people the beautiful surroundings where I live. You were a great cycling partner.

  4. Nice yar you are doing great job .

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